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BERGFEX: Erpfendorf in Tirol: Dopust Erpfendorf in Tirol - Potovati Erpfendorf in Tirol

Kitzbüheler Alpen St. Johann in Tirol

Erpfendorf in Tirol

634 - 2.344m
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Erpfendorf in Tirol

634 - 2.344m

Erpfendorf: White Balls, Wide Slopes

Plopp. Golfers all over the world love the soft sound that is made when the ball falls into the hole. At the Lärchenhof Golf Course beginners are given the opportunity to experience this feeling of success on the golf course after a few lessons only! The Golf Academy’s short course is easy enough for novice golfers to learn in a pressure free environment and a whole lot more fun then practicing at a driving range. More experienced golfers will find the beautiful 9-hole course to be a good test of their golfing skills.

Nestled amid the gentle grass mountains of the Kitzbüheler Alpen, the small town of Erpfendorf (1,150 inhabitants) is a great holiday destination for active guests. With one golf course in town and 13 more within only 30 kilometers, golfers of all experience levels are truly spoilt for choice here. For horse riders there are countless trails around the area suitable for all levels, and schools offer lessons for beginners.

Hikers and cyclists will be delighted with Erpfendorf’s extensive nature trails and bicycling routes in the Kaiser Mountains, on Kitzbüheler Horn, through the pristine Grießbachklamm gulch and to Steinplatte, which, in the winter, beckons skiers with its wide and long ski slopes that lead all the way to Reit im Winkl in Germany.

Thanks to its gentle terrain, Erpfendorf is a great place for novice skiers and families with young children. More advanced skiers will fund plenty of great runs in the surrounding ski areas, all of which are within easy reach of Erpfendorf.

Cross-country skiers can indulge their hobby on the sunny tracks to St. Johann in Tirol and nearby Waidring, and those interested in biathlon can give this fascinating sport a try at the Winter Sports Arena at Lärchenhof.

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Erpfendorf in Tirol
Erpfendorf in Tirol
Erpfendorf in Tirol

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Kontakt Erpfendorf in Tirol

Kitzbüheler Alpen St. Johann in Tirol - Oberndorf - Kirchdorf - Erpfendorf
Poststrasse 2, A-6380 St. Johann in Tirol

+43 (0)5352 63335 0
+43 (0)5352 63335 8213
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