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Smučišče Kreischberg / Murau

868 - 2.118m
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Kreischberg / Murau

868 - 2.118m

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Saisonschluss Der Seilbahnbetrieb am Kreischberg ist aufgrund einer behördlichen Verordnung ab Montag, 16. März 2020 eingestellt. Das Kreischberg Team dankt für euren Besuch und wünscht euch für die nächsten Wochen alles Gute, bleibt gesund!

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Obratovalni časi Zima

05.12.2020 - 05.04.2021
08:30 - 16:00

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Smučišče Kreischberg / Murau

Kreischberg winter information

Ghost trail, dinosaur forest and „KreiSchi safari“
Whether it is the baby ski lift, magic carpet, practice slope or tubing area – kids of all ages will have fun at Kreischberg ski resort.
The dinosaur forest is a must-see during every family trip. It starts at the practice slope and continues into the pine forest.
You can also meet a lion, elefant, giraffe and many more animals at the „KreiSchi safari“.
What is new in the winter of 2019/2020? A „ghost trail“ will make you shiver! Spooky characters on the sides of the ski slope may scare you a little and bring lots of fun. Best awards for „Lieblings-Steirer“ (your favorite Styrian mountains Kreischberg and Lachtal)
Since 1998 the world’s biggest test platform for ski areas anually names the best ski resorts. Results are valued highly by ski- and snowboard fans around the world.
In 2019 Kreischberg was awarded „best ski resort with up to 60km total slope length“. Lachtal received the same award for ski resorts with up to 30km total slope length.

Lots of fun: Snowpark Kreischberg
At 1900 meters above sea level „Snowpark Kreischberg“ has gained many fans among the youth. There is a beginner line and an intermediate line for your individual level of skills – all designed and looked after by professionals. During the new season 2019/2020 skiers and snowboarders can look forward to new, challenging, and fun elements.

„Kreischberg – where else!“

Kreischberg ski resort has set a new standard in quality and comfort by building a gondola lift that fits up to 10 passengers per gondola. The modern lift is 2,1 km long and transports skiers and snowboarders from 1600 to 2050 meters above sea level. Tubing area, a permanent race track, and a speed slope with radar speed measuring – it all guarantees a lot of fun!
Kreischberg ski resort has a lot to offer for children: they can meet a lion, elefant, giraffe and many other wild animals at the „KreiSchi safari“. The new „Ghost trail“ features spooky characters on the sides of the slopes. Dangerous creatures from primeval times can be seen at the dinosaur forest. Your kids can first practice their skiing skills at the magic carpet, baby ski lift, and the tiny dent slope and later move on to the Kreischi lift.

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Kontakt Smučišče Kreischberg / Murau

Murtal Seilbahnen Betriebs GmbH, A-8861 St. Georgen am Kreischberg

+43 (0)3537 300
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31.05.2020 - 06.09.2020
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Die Kreischberg-Gondelbahn ist am Pfingstsonntag, 31. Mai sowie an den Freitagen im Juni (05.06., 12.06., 19.06. und 26.06.2020) von 9 – 16 Uhr in Betrieb.
Von Mi., 01.07.2020 bis So., 06.09.2020 ist die Gondelbahn jeweils am Mittwoch, Freitag und am Sonntag von 9.00 – 16.00 Uhr in Betrieb!

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